Giving Credit Where It’s Due

I was searching Google this morning for credit card offers for first-timers (credit-card virgins??) for my husband and thought I’d check out poor-credit offers, too. They were all pitiful, but what was even worse were the reviews. If you ever find yourself weakening in your resolve to not get another credit card, or you want to scare off your kids from the same temptation, have them read some of these reviews (these were at www. My husband and I were talking this morning about how uncomfortable we were with the student loan debt we’re acquiring, but when I think of what our life would be like if we were in any kind of typical consumer debt…! I just got a call the day before yesterday (on a Sunday, as a matter of fact) from a company that just purchased a debt of mine from Providian, which I haven’t heard a word about for at least two, almost three years–and I even called and tried to find out about it!). The guy was nice and is “letting” me make a $50 hardship payment for three months, subject to a 90 day review (which means that it will probably end up like my Toyota debt: an interminable $50/mo payment, because after all, what choice do they have when I only make $1456. a month?). But the point is, without the student loans, we couldn’t make it at all, unless and until we have other income. And since I certainly can’t go to school and work, too, and I can barely handle going to school, I don’t see that I have any other choice. Because if I feel somewhat trapped going to school, what would I feel like having to work? And from what I’ve been able to determine about myself, I begin to deteriorate whenever I feel trapped.