Delayed Introduction

I have another blog, “Family Matters” (I mean to change that title–bor-ing!) in which I could (or might copy) this post, but I’d like to turn “Mighty Pen” into my primary Blog, so I’m going to start using it first in most cases. I don’t do well with too many choices–I become paralyzed, as a matter of fact, which is why I rarely write in any of them. Also, I’m still stuck in the days when it was fashionable to create a web page, but I guess now the thing is to blog, with much the same result, only it’s much easier. I hope that’s true, because I never seemed to get a web page published, and like many other people, I would really like to have a voice on the web. I know it would be an ethereal one, at best. But perhaps it would prepare me for the establishment of a more permanent one in print.

The other day I had the astonishing idea of trying to get on radio. I had never thought of that before, but I think it would be ideal for me, because I truly do have the gift of gab. (Unless I’m in the depression pit. But I find that I tend to slide into the pit when I’m not doing anything that excites me enough to keep me from the edge of it.) The only problem is (besides getting a radio slot–but if Reagan could do it, why couldn’t I?) figuring out what it would be about. I’m one of those people who know a little bit about a lot of things; that could be an asset or a liability, in any area, I suppose. That’s why majoring in history has been challenging for me, and has also been one of my main problems in my writing: it is often too shallow, broad, general. I seem to think that I have to cover all there could possibly be to say in everything I write, and then I throw in a few side trips for good measure. I’m probably doing that right now. Maybe if I indulge myself now, I can get it out of my system…no, that’s totally the wrong approach; I’m only encouraging my bad habit. Oh, well, there’s always the opportunity to edit (if I avail myself of it).

I plan to be more focused in the future and if I’m not, I promise to summarize each blog so that you’ll at least know what I meant to say, even if I didn’t actually put those words in my main text. So here is my summary for today’s blog: I am a writer, but have been accused of having the “gift” of communication (which is an extremely tactful way of saying that I talk a lot, but that I manage to be at least marginally interesting). I do enjoy expressing my opinions, but tend to come across a little strong in person, so I’m hoping to appear a little less threatening in print. Writing has a way of calming me down, and making me think before I “blurt”(usually). But then writing clearly exposes my run-on sentences; I can get away with them when I speak. (Then again, it could be that I sound incoherent and I just don’t realize it.) So, in sum, I will be usuing this blog to communicate my opinions and observations, and trying mightily to keep the two separate. I do know the difference between them, so that is a start.