My New Laptop

I just got a new computer, a laptop, and my husband has been knocking himself out trying to get my files off of my old computers (a Thinkpad and an iMac) and onto the new one. He’s been using which has worked fine except for the Mariner files he uploaded from the iMac. This is unfortunate because my “novel” is almost entirely on the iMac. I guess I should have stuck to the Thinkpad. All those files are downloading just fine. I was just trying out the iMac to see if I liked it, but it was so old, it wasn’t really a fair representation. At any rate, I’m back with Windows on a laptop.

I really liked my IBM Thinkpad. I bought it used on eBay for $400 and I’ve been using it for four years. The only problem I had was that the display went out. Possible an easy fix, but I never wanted to spend the money just to have it checked out. So I hooked up a monitor to the laptop, opened it and slid the display part under the top of a computer desk with the laptop on the keyboard shelf. Sort of a glorified keyboard, I guess. But I loved the feel of the keyboard and it was always reliable. It just ran out of memory. I couldn’t fit much more on it and when I surfed the Internet it was really slow.

Now I have a Lenovo laptop and I love it. I don’t know all its stats, but it runs beautifully and it’s really fast. And of course the fact that I can take it anywhere is an added plus. I’ve been spending all my computer time on the sofa. Not having to be shut up in my office (so-called) has made it easier to spend more time writing. And when I get bored with television, I can still sit with my husband in the evenings and surf the Net or do some writing.

That might be a drawback. It’s tempting to spend all my time on the computer now that I can settle in anywhere. And I’m not close to my files. But this way, I’m stripped down to just writing, not messing with stuff on my desk. I’ve been writing blogs like crazy, both for Miteypen and for Femagination. I’ve been organizing my files on this one computer (I was scattered over three!), collecting all my “works-in-progress” in one folder on my desktop, trying to determine which ones to go on and finish. And a side benefit is that I’ve been snacking less because my hands are on the keyboard more than they’re in the cupboard!

I’m looking forward to taking my new laptop out in public. (Did I mention that it has Wi-fi?) I’ve always envied people who have been able to take their laptops to the local coffee shops. Now I can join them. I may only be surfing the Internet, but it will give me a chance to get out of the house and do a little people-watching at the same time. Writers do need to get out there once in a while.

Why did my husband buy me a laptop? It wasn’t for a special occasion, which puzzled me. But then he said that he felt a writer needed to have the right equipment. He was right.