A Place to Write

Some writers can write anywhere–or so they say. Others need very specific conditions in order to write: favorite music, an inspiring view, easy access to their files, reference materials right at hand, a comfortable chair, just the right height of desk. I haven’t yet decided which kind of writer I am. Maybe that’s part of my problem.

I’ve set up offices in my bedroom, the laundry room, the living room and the kitchen. I’ve had rooms to myself and shared a room with another. Once I turned the entire front room in my apartment into an office. That was probably my favorite. I had plenty of room for my books and filing cabinets as well as tons of desk space. And if was all for me. What a luxury!

I don’t need a view. When I’m writing, I’m only thinking about the words, not trees or sunshine or landscapes. Sure, that’s nice when I take a break, but I can go to another room for that, and probably should, to really give my mind a chance to rest.

I’ve often dreamed of having a little writing cabin at our place in Canada. I could write in the large cabin, but there’s not enough solitude when I’m there with other people, which I always am. Also, until recently, I didn’t have a portable computer (i.e., laptop) and I’ve gotten used to writing on one. I don’t know if such a venue would make it easier to write.

I do have trouble finishing projects. Maybe if I was isolated–no TV, no television, no drop-in visits, I’d actually get something done. Oh, and no Internet, because I spend a lot of time looking things up that way. Of course, I also submit and query by email sometimes, although, to be honest, I don’t get very many responses when I use email.

As it is now, I sit on my living room couch with my laptop literally on my lap. My files and books–except for the ones I’m currently using–are upstairs split between two bedrooms. I’d prefer one room like I once had, but I don’t have the room right now. Maybe if I ever move from here, that will be on my wish list for my new home.