What distracts me from my writing?

1. My grandson, when he visits. He loves his cartoons and I need peace and quiet. Last year I was doing a NaNoWriMo type project only in June instead of November. Because of that I made it very clear that I had to write a certain amount every day. And lo and behold, Will left me alone during that time. Why can’t I do that more often?
2. My kids. I always drop everything whenever they need something. Sometimes it’s just phone calls, but they can be long ones. I can’t tell them I’m writing either.
3. My job. On the days that I work, I rarely write, even though I only work part-time and often don’t even go to work until 5 at night. In fact, whenever I have to do anything, like doctor’s appointments and errands, I tend to skip writing that day.
4. Surfing the Internet. I like to have the Internet on when I’m writing on the computer, supposedly so I can do research. But I spend more time checking my email and reading various blogs and articles than I do writing.
5. Worrying. About money, about my writing, about marketing my writing, about my kids and grandkid, about my weight, my age and my mortality…the list goes on. If I give too much energy to worrying, I have too little left for writing.
6. Snacking and smoking. These are delaying tactics, things I do to avoid what I should be doing.
7. Reading. I know a certain amount of reading is good for a writer. But it obviously depends upon what you read, and I often read junk. I do this for the same reason that I snack and smoke. I sometimes do all three at the same time.

Notice that I didn’t list housework as a distraction. I use my writing as an excuse for not doing any.