My Writer’s Block

I have plenty of time (I work at another job, but only part-time), a new laptop, an encouraging and supportive husband (who doesn’t expect me to do housework) and a certain amount of faith in my writing ability. So why am I having so much trouble writing?

It occurred to me recently that I’m not having as much trouble as I think I am. But I’m obsessing about how hard it is for me to finish anything, let alone submit it somewhere (which automatically means no publication). And I think the reason I’m obsessing is the same reason I don’t feel good about myself and my life in general: my clinical depression and anxiety. Not so much because I still suffer from those two bogeymen of the mind, but because I still act and think as if I do. I haven’t revised my behavior and thinking to correspond to the strides I’ve made in achieving mental health. I’m used to being down on myself, because mood disorders make you feel that way. You can’t control how you feel or think because your depression, anxiety or whatever is doing the controlling.

How do I break through the control that depression and anxiety have over me? One technique is to act “as if” I am no longer controlled by them, to step out in faith in myself as a new person. Easier said than done, I know. But imperative if I’m going to get anywhere with my writing.