My Blogs

Most of the writing I’ve been doing these days is posting to my blogs. I actually have five, but rarely write in two of them. They are:
This one:
ADD Women
German(e) and Human(e)

The first one is a feminist blog. I’ve considered myself a feminist since 1971 and lately have become much more interested in feminist issues. Recently I’ve been writing a lot about politics (what else?): Hillary, Sarah Palin, Obama, and mothers’ political movements.

The second one is about city living. I moved into the city (of Columbus, Ohio–yes, it is a city) about ten years ago and I love it. It’s not for everyone, but I use this blog to encourage those who are thinking about a similar move.

The third is about writing. I have been a writer all of my life, but only in the past sixteen years have I taken myself seriously as one. Still, I struggle with the whole process and that’s what this “sounding board” is all about.

The fourth is about women with ADD. I was diagnosed with ADD eight years ago, when I was 48. It’s not widely accepted that adults can have ADD, nor do most people think of it being something that females have very often. I like to shine a light on those misconceptions.

And the fourth is about all things German. I call it “German(e) and Human(e)” because its premise is to show that the German people don’t deserve the prejudice that is often leveled at them. (Even though I understand it.)

Posting to these blogs is great exercise for a writer, but it is also an escape from my other writing. When I’m having trouble writing an essay or working on my novel, I find that I can almost always think of something to write about for one of my blogs. Whether or not what I write is interesting to others is something I have yet to discover. I have received only two or three comments among them. But one of my posts was cited on Mothers Book Bag in connection with a review of The Maternal is Political. (“Taking Mothers Seriously,” Femagination, July 15, 2008). I felt very good about that.

I don’t know how bloggers get their blogs noticed. I keep hoping that someone will stumble across one of mine some day and spread the word. But in the meantime I’m going to keep on “bloggin’.”