Why Write A Letter?

A letter is very concrete and can be used as evidence of information exchanged between two parties. To a business, a letter means business in a way that a phone call or an email do not. If you need to get your point across and telephone calls aren’t cutting it, a letter is the way to go. Sadly, fewer and fewer people are using this tool, which actually makes the power of a letter today even stronger – it means pay attention even more than before.

A letter should be used whenever you have difficulty achieving the resolution that you want by telephone or by electronic communication. For example, if you have bill collectors calling you day and night, the most effective way to ask them to stop is by letter requesting that all contact be in writing (along with a copy given to your lawyer). Another example: if you’re ever disputing a bill, a letter is the best way to get your case across, as an individual who is not serious enough about a dispute to send a letter often won’t get the resolution they want. In both of these cases, a well-constructed letter is the way to go.

For details  on how to write a formal letter see the original article by Trent at The Simple Dollar.